Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Time Comin'

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Well, well. Nice to see you here again. How long have you been waiting? My sincere apologies. I'll try my damnedest to not let so much time pass before our next meeting.

Lots of cool stuff going on. The film I cowrote with Rick Dumont and Carla Bonney, GUARDIAN (a.k.a. THE BOND, or WHATEVER THE DIRECTOR WANTS TO CALL IT TODAY - P.S. Love ya, Rick!), went into production a couple of weeks ago. I play a small part, the first scenes of which were recorded onto celluloid last weekend. If all goes according to the shooting schedule, we should be done by September, but I've learned that nothing ever goes according to schedule in the entertainment industry. Still, I will certainly keep you posted.

I'll be performing a short story reading at the Rochester Opera House in beautiful downtown Rochester, New Hampshire, on Sunday, June 20, 2010. Presented by Beth Eisenberg's The Floating Gallery, the Up From The Underground Art Experience will feature over two dozen artists from the New England area, the premiere of Rick Dumont's film BROTHERS IN COMMUNION, live music from the Boston-based duet GOLI, and yours truly. The reading starts at 2:00 pm, but get there early and support local artists. Partial proceeds go to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society and Sexual Assault Service of the Seacoast. For more info and tickets, go here:

My novel CROWLEY'S NIGHTMARE is still in the hands of some interested agencies, and its follow up, NIGHT TERRORS, is still in production. I've been on a short story kick lately, pumping out three in the last few days. Though the market is small for shorts (but shorties need less space, right?), I'll still throw as many as I can at magazines and websites to see if they stick, as well as considering some as exclusive content for this very blog. Maybe a story here and there for that blessed four-letter word that everyone loves: FREE.

That's it for now. Add me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, if you please. Your loyalty and dedication will pay off in the future.

I promise.

Your Humble Servant,