Saturday, October 16, 2010

Program Status: Meltdown

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Sloth. What a beautiful word. But after two or three days of inactivity, I'm starting to feel a bit guilty. Especially considering the mad productivity of the last few weeks.

The first draft of NIGHT TERRORS (still only a placeholder title) has been completed. That one was a real accomplishment. Unlike the other two novels I've written, all of TERRORS feels strong. The story is tight and creepy as all hell. Now it goes in the drawer for a while, to be looked upon with fresh eyes before starting revisions.

I also drafted two new short stories, one of which will be posted here at IaM for Halloween. It will only be up for one week, October 25 through November 1, so be sure check it out while you can.

THE BOND, a film I co-wrote with Rick Dumont and Carla Bonney, has entered post-production. Rick hopes to have it in the can by the end of the year. Follow PIP Films for more information.

I'm officially knee-deep into the new novel. Smoked through the first sixty pages. Still too early to discuss titles, plots, synopses, but know that it's moving along well.

That's about it for the moment. Always a party here at IaM - tell all your friends they're invited.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Coming Fire

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Ah, sweet October. How I've missed you.

As a horror writer, I realize the cliche of embracing a month that celebrates death - and life after - in all its forms, be they gory, subtle or (oftentimes unintentionally) silly. For me, there is just a special scent in the air at this time of year. It's an intoxicating mixture of cinnamon and woodsmoke and freshly dug grave. It's chilly enough to make you shiver, but not so cold that your nose drips. And maybe, if you're lucky, that noise your hear in the walls at night is not a mouse, but a ghost come to visit while the fabric between this world and the next thins for a short time.

Keep an eye out (but you can leave the other one in) for an exclusive Halloween story to be posted here in the very near future. And, if you're creepy enough to follow this blog regularly, you certainly don't need me to suggest appropriate October entertainment. However, if you've been buried alive for the past couple of months and don't know about the great Frank Darabont's new zombie series, consider yourself schooled: