Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Tumbleweeds are rolling through the desert of my mind.

Okay, that's not entirely true, but it sounds nice.

It is a bit quiet here on the porch, though. I finally received a rejection from an agent who had requested a partial submission of CROWLEY'S NIGHTMARE back in March. Even though I had written that one off a few months ago, it's still nice to have some closure. My short story PAINTED has been submitted for a contest. Some of you may remember A REQUIEM FOR THE UNNAMED from my reading at the "Up From The Underground" art show back in June; a revised version of that story is awaiting response from a well-known digital distributor. I've completed my partial submission of BOX 32 for a huge novella contest, and started revising a ghost story for possible inclusion in a 2011 anthology. Oh, and there's that pesky MFA thesis that is ongoing, ongoing, ongoing.

Huh. Guess it's not too quiet, after all.

And, just for fun, let's wrap this up with an edition of The iPod Random 15:

1. "And My Fury Stands Ready" - My Dying Bride
2. "Angel's Punishment" - Lacuna Coil
3. "Love" - Strapping Young Lad
4. "Hello, Goodbye" - The Beatles
5. "Evil In A Closet" - In Flames
6. "Will You Love Me Now?" - Ihsahn
7. "Whoa Mule" - The Black Crowes
8. "The Slumber Of Yesteryears" - Thyrfing
9. "Everytime I Die" - Children of Bodom
10. "I Am The Black Wizards" - Emperor
11. "O Novo Ja Nasce Velho" - O Rappa
12. "Slanderous" - Machine Head
13. "Heaven Beside You" - Alice In Chains
14. "I Am Abomination" - Exodus
15. "Metal Command" - Exodus