Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sepultura Returns to North America

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Sepultura is back in the US! In a couple of weeks, I'll be following them on my own little mini-tour to do some field research for the book I'm writing. In the meantime, enjoy this article by my friend Emanuel, who spoke with guitarist Andreas Kisser (and myself) about the tour. Read the original, Portuguese version on Emanuel's blog HERE, or the English translation I've provided below.

And check out Sepultura when they hit your town!

After a marathon of shows in Eastern Europe (15 appearances in 19 days, passing through five countries - more about the tour: http://emanuel-junior.blogspot.com.br/2012/04/sepultura-encerra-hoje-bem-sucedida.html) the Brazilian band Sepultura begins, this Tuesday, April 10, a North American tour supporting their most recent album, "Kairos." The "North American Kairos Tour 2012," that will pass through 21 cities in the United States and Canada in 22 days, also includes the bands Death Angel, Krisiun, and Havok. The first show will take place in Santa Ana, California.

This will be the second time Sepultura has toured the continent during the course of a year. This time, the Brazilians present the album "Kairos" to the North Americans. Andreas Kisser, speaking exclusively to this blog about the subject, said, "The tour from last year was excellent and Kairos had not even been released yet. Now, with the album more well known [by the fans], it's going to be even better."

Sepultura was the first Brazilian band to venture outside of the country and be successful in their aspirations. Since 1989, when they toured Europe with German band Sodom, there had never been an opportunity to tour outside of Brazil with other Brazilian bands. The "North American Kairos Tour 2012" finally sees this possibility, with local gunslingers Krisiun taking part in the tour.

Andreas revealed his excitement to have Krisiun playing alongside Sepultura. "Finally we have a Brazilian band with us, especially a band that is well known internationally, is fantastic on stage and are great friends, I'm sure we'll enjoy it very much."

Along with the expectations of Andreas Kisser, we have also the opinion of Jason Korolenko, long-time fan of Sepultura, who is writing a book about the history of the band called "Relentless" (the title of one of the songs on "Kairos," which means implac├ível in Portuguese).

Jason Korolenko, a 36-year-old writer from Laconia, New Hampshire, has already secured tickets for three shows (in Burlington, Pawtucket, and Albany), with the possibility of seeing two more shows (in New York City and Montreal, Canada). He tells us that he is very happy to see Sepultura again so soon in the US (less than a year since their last tour in the country) and is "sure that the shows will be legendary."

The "North American Kairos Tour 2012" begins on April 10 in Santa Ana, California, on the west coast of the United States, continuing on until May 1, wrapping up in Jermyn, Pennsylvania (east coast). Concerning this marathon of shows (so soon after the tour in Eastern Europe), and questioned how he deals with the intense rhythm and pace of Sepultura, Andreas said, "I love what I do, so that makes things easier." And the fans are grateful for such dedication to Sepultura and the music.

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